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I have made many saves over the years for Twilight Princess, normally for whole routes although I have made stand-alone saves for practicing and testing. When starting out making saves for 100% there used to be a version system which I carried on, after a while it was becoming silly and hence I switched to simply labelling saves and routes by the date they were created. You may be able to find the corrosponding routes on my pastebin however for older routes they may be lost to time :(. I do my best to keep ZSR updated with the latest route and saves for 100%. All savefile zips should contain a txt telling you which saves are what.

Below are links to old dropbox folders that contained these saves before this page was created. I doubt I'll keep dropbox updated when this is a better option but here are the links anyway.

NOTE: I use DD/MM/YY format. It's the best, get used to it.


Below is a table of all my 100% saves with the newest at the top, note I am not certain if I am correct for the dates of the saves before 2016 as this was when I was using the labelling system, dates are taken from "Date Modified" which isn't always accurate.

Date PAL NTSC U Name
23/11/18 TO BE CREATED TO BE CREATED Text Displcement Route
15/06/18 Download Download 100% Pack
25/04/18 Download Download 100% Pack
30/04/17 Download Download 100% Pack
28/06/16 Download Download 100% Pack
06/02/16 Download Download 100% Pack
24/01/16 Download Download 100% Pack
03/01/16 Download Download 100% Pack
16/12/15 Download Download EMS Full Saves
06/07/15 Download Download EMS Major Save Points
07/06/15 Download Download 7.3.1V
02/02/15 Download Download 7.3V
05/04/14 Download Download 3.1V
06/03/14 Download Download OLD ROUTE

All Dungeons

Below are saves I made for All Dungeons years ago.

Date PAL NTSC U Name
30/07/14 Download Download No Zora Armour
28/12/13 Download Download Zora Armour


Below are saves I made for Any% years ago.

Date PAL NTSC U Name
09/07/14 Download Download Gorge Skip + Early SPR
01/07/14 Download Download BiTE Route

Any% - No Save + Quit

Below are saves I've made for No Save + Quit.

Date PAL NTSC U Name
12/12/15 Download Download Bomb Bag Route
23/11/15 Download TO COVERT! No Bomb Bag Route
22/12/13 Download Download No Gorge Skip

Individual Levels

Here are saves for ILs.

Date PAL NTSC U Name
13/09/15 Download TO CONVERT Stand-alone AG Save
25/07/15 Download Download IL Pack


As the heading suggests, miscellaneous saves I've found.

Date PAL NTSC U Name
28/05/15 Download TO CONVERT Argorok 2 Cycle
03/05/15 Download TO CONVERT Dungeon Rush
06/04/15 Download TO CONVERT Early Platform
05/04/15 Download TO CONVERT Death Sword
25/08/14 Download TO CONVERT Wolf BiT
15/07/14 Download Download Final Lanayru Bug
11/07/14 Download Download Deku Toad
09/07/14 Download TO CONVERT Gorge/PC/EMS
22/04/14 Download Download AMS File