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I have written out many routes for Twilight Princess over time, some are very shorthand intended for personal use while others are more descriptive. I cannot be sure that all these routes are mine, however I have had them for a long time and maybe someone will find old random routes interesting. I do my best to keep ZSR updated with the latest route and saves for 100%. You may also be able to find more random stuff on my pastebin.

Note that most of these routes are likily to be out of date, this is an archive of routes I've collected and/or made. Best off checking ZSR or the TP discord if a route is years old.

Below are links to old dropbox folders that contained some routes, and when I began speedrunning I wrote some into Word so I could print them out. I highly doubt I'll be updating this anymore, certainly not creating Word documents. Here are the links regardless.

NOTE: I use DD/MM/YY format. It's the best, get used to it


Below is a table of routes for 100%, I am not certain if the dates are correct on the files that were not labelled by dates. The dates are estimates from "Date Modified" which isn't walways accurate.

Date Link Name
23/11/18 Download Text Displacement!
15/06/18 Download
25/05/18 Download
30/04/17 Download
09/04/17 Download
? Download Fixed EMS Version 7.3
10/12/14 Download Version 5.0
06/11/14 Download
Rupee Route
Version 3.1
20/03/14 Download
Rupee Route

All Dungeons

Here are old routes for All Dungeons.

Date Link Name
27/07/14 Download
Rupee Route
No Zora Armour
14/06/14 Download
Rupee Route
With Zora Armour


A few routes for Any%.

Date Link Name
06/03/15 Download No Zora Armour
25/08/14 Download ?
29/04/14 Download
Rupee Route
Gorge Skip Route

Any% - No Save + Quit

Some routes for Any% No S+Q.

Date Link Name
18/08/14 Download With Bomb Bag
29/04/14 Download Gorge Skips Route
20/03/14 Download
20/03/14 Download


Route for miscellaneous categories and other stuff

Date Link Name
31/12/14 Download Goron Mines RTA
06/12/14 Download Wii Super Spinner
08/11/14 Download All Fused Shadows
22/08/14 Download Any% Moonjump
01/06/14 Download Magic Armour RTA
22/04/14 Download All Mirror Shards
20/03/14 Download AFS With Fixed EMS