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This is my website for hobbies as well as a central location for finding any content I've created. You'll find links to accounts on other websites that I use along with achivements and projects here, mainly personal bests for speedrunning. You can contact me on the Discord platform at "Devil6Lair#3108" or if you have general questions about learning Twilight Princess join the server here.


Twitch: Sometimes I stream my speedruns on Twitch.

Youtube: My youtube is a video archive for anything and everything. All PBs I've ever had along with strategies and timings.

Github: Maybe some day I'll actually make a cool project and stop being lazy.

My Speedrunning profiles can be found here: ZeldaSpeedRuns Profile and here: SRC Profile.

Pastebin: Here is my pastebin with various timings and routes along with other things.

Twitter: I rarely post on twitter, mainly because I rarely do anything worth mentioning.

TAS Works

TASing is fun and I hope to do more in the future. Here is the playlist of 100% TAS that will never be finished: TP100% TAS WIP

Here is a playlist of TP TAS competitions I have entered: TP TAS Competitions

Here is a playlist of TWW TAS competitions I have entered: TWW TAS Competitions

Here is a playlist of MM TAS competitions I have entered: MM TAS Competitions

I have also made some small comparison TAS videos on my Youtube if you search enough.


I have made many saves over the years for various Twilight Princess routes over the years. You can find them all by clicking the heading above.

Personal Bests

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Main Categories

Arbitrary Categories

Individual Levels

Playlist of all ILs

Level Any% 100%
Forest Temple 7:08 13:36
Goron Mines 12:33.46 18:49
Lakebed Temple 7:06.85 23:16
Arbiter's Grounds 16:23.93 22:50
Snowpeak Ruins 7:48.46 17:11
Temple of Time 16:37.69 21:20
City In The Sky 15:13.93 25:41
Palace of Twilight 20:14.73 24:40
Hyrule Castle 12:25 23:59

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Main Categories

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Main Categories

Super Mario 64

Super Mario Sunshine

Main Categories

Individual Shines / Individual Worlds

Playlist of all ISs/IWs

Super Mario Galaxy

I use Luigi for all my runs. My Any% Time is part of my old 100% PB.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

All my times use the banktoad and hence NG+. During in my 242, and hence 120 and Any% I noticed OBS had a high encoding error and was freezing badly around the 11 hour mark.

Platform Racing 2

Playlist of PR2 PBs